Duke was a wise old engine who lived on the Mid Sodor Railway.



Duke lived on the Mid Sodor Railway along with two engines named Stuart & Falcon. Stuart & Falcon were found of Duke & called him "Granpuff". They would tease him about "His Grace". Other engines came & went but Duke outlasted them all. Falcon & Stuart would chant "Engines come engines go but Granpuff goes on forever!" And Duke would say "you impertinent scalawags! Whatever are you up to?!" & They would say ."..relax Granpuff, we're only young once!". They kept on doing that until they learned about Smudger & how he got turned into a generator. After they heard that story Stuart & Falcon worked harder than ever & did their best. Then the lines closed so Stuart & Falcon were bought out & renamed Stuart was renamed "Peter Sam" & Falcon was renamed "Sir Handel". Duke was oiled & polished & was covered & put in a shed. Many years later when Duke & Smudger were buried some workers asked if they could find Duke & Sir Topham Hatt said yes. So the workmen dug Duke out & Duke was resting in the shed when Peter Sam & Sir Handel woke him up & they were all back at last.


  • Duke (1996)
  • Limited Edition Metallic Duke (1999)


  • The back of Duke's collector card states that he is the oldest of the narrow gauge engines, but Skarloey and Rheneas are actually older than Duke.