Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends ERTL Wiki

The ERTL Miniatures sub-theme was produced around 1991. All vehicles had sticker faces and were packaged with a small section of a railway. These sections could be connected to form a whole playset. Most models were eventually adapted into keyrings. The miniatures line was redesigned with 3D faces and modular playset components, similar to LEGO bricks.


  • Thomas at the Station
  • Edward at Water Tower
  • James at the Signal Box
  • Percy at the Sheds
  • Signal Sidings with Toby
  • Duck at the Windmill
  • Bill with part of a viaduct
  • Ben with viaduct
  • Annie and Clarabel
  • Troublesome Trucks
  • Diesel with tunnel
  • Bertie at the Level Crossing
  • Trevor at the Windmill
  • Harold at the Airport
  • Henry
  • Henry with Henry's Tunnel
  • Mavis


  • Thomas, Annie and Clarabel
  • Thomas, James and Troublesome Trucks
  • Edward, James and Percy
  • Edward, Bertie and Trevor
  • Diesel, Harold and Toby
  • Duck, Bill and Ben


  • Four-corner set with Thomas, Annie and Clarabel
  • Six-corner set with Thomas, Trevor and the Troublesome trucks