Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends ERTL Wiki
Rules Manual of Style Staff

The Thomas & Friends ERTL Wiki is a source of information on the Thomas & Friends ERTL line. As such anyone can visit and/or edit. Because this is a Thomas & Friends-based wiki, try to keep things appropriate for anyone to read.


  1. As per Wikia guidelines, all registered users must be 13 or older. Anyone found to be under 13 will be banned until they become of age.
  2. No swearing, inappropriate or hateful language.
  3. No disrespectful or rude behavior towards other users or staff members.
  4. Don't edit other users' pages without their consent.
  5. Sockpuppet accounts are not allowed. They will be banned and the main user account will be banned for an additional period of time if necessary. Creating a new account because you lost access to your old one is permissible so long as you notify staff of the issue.
  6. Please do not add nonsense edits or make multiple small changes in multiple edits. Try to change as much as you need to in one go.
  7. Fan content is not allowed. This pertains to all facets of the wiki including images, videos, and articles/article content.


  1. Do not upload watermarked or otherwise copyrighted images without the permission of the owner.
  2. Do not upload images that do not pertain to the ERTL line.
  3. Do not upload misnamed images (strings of random letters, or generic titles such as "Picture005.png").
  4. Do not upload images that are blurry or otherwise small or pixelated. If you must, contact an admin or image controller and they will make a decision.


  1. Rules regarding videos are mostly the same as rules regarding images. See above.
  2. Do not upload videos unless they are official advertisements or are non-biased demonstrations of a product.

Article Comments and Message Walls

  1. No content except vandalism, broken links, and profanity may be removed from any user message wall. Off topic posts may be removed from talk pages.
  2. Article comments are there for discussing changes to the articlenot for a discussion about the topic in question.
  3. Please do not reply to comments or messages that are over 3 weeks old unless you have anything to contribute to the discussion.
  4. Old comments with resolved issues or that are no longer relevant are subject to deletion to keep the pages clear.
  5. Please do not leave messages on your own wall. Talking to yourself does not notify anyone that you need assistance or have something to say,
  6. Message walls are for brief conversations only. Any long communication should be carried out on elsewhere.


  1. Staff are required to warn a user who breaks the rules before striking or blocking them.
    1. After one warning, a strike is issued. After two strikes, a block will be issued for a period of time to be determined.
    2. Some instances may negate the necessity to warn or strike, and straight up block the offender. Use your best judgement.
    3. Image controllers and discussion mods have authority to strike for offenses that fall under their authority.
  2. The alteration, addition, or deletion of a rule must be agreed upon by 2/3 of all staff members. Use the talk page to propose an action.

Contact me or another staff member with any questions! TWRAddictYT (talk) 16:27, April 30, 2018 (UTC)