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This page lists the Wiki's staff members as well as a brief description of each. You can also find out about what each role means and how you could become one yourself!


Bureaucrats are generally seen as the "head admins" of the wiki. They have many of the same rights as regular admins, such as deleting files, editing locked pages, . They can also promote and revoke admins, discussion mods and image controllers, and can also promote new bureaucrats. While they cannot directly remove another user's bureaucrat status, they can remove their own if they so desire.

Username Contact Log actions Position
AddictStudios Contact Contributions Bureaucrat

List of former bureaucrats


Administrators (Admins for short) have most of the same editing rights as the bureaucrats. They are capable of deleting files and pages, editing locked articles and promoting new discussion mods and image controllers.

List of former administrators

Image Control

Image Controllers are selected users with the ability to moderate image files. They can upload and delete images, and can hand out warnings and strikes to users violating the Image Rules. They can also moderate videos and audio files, and are also allowed to delete regular pages that are marked for deletion.

  • There are no Image Controllers at the moment.

Discussion Mods

Discussion Mods are selected users with the ability to moderate talk pages and message walls. They can remove messages from talk pages, close threads on users' message walls and can hand out strikes to users violating the Talk Page/Message Wall rules.

  • There are no Discussion Mods at the moment.


Rollbacks have a slightly higher position than a regular user. They have the ability to "rollback" articles to a previous version in order to fix spam or vandalism. Demoted staff members become rollbacks unless desired otherwise.

  • There are no Rollbacks at the moment.